EDUCATION AND WORK EXPERIENCE     -PhD Religious Studies, Temple University -MS Community Counseling, Georgia State University -Significant coursework in biology and cultural anthropology      from undergraduate and graduate study -Adjunct Professor of Religion, Rutgers, LaSalle, etc Universities (10 years) -Substance Abuse Counselor (7 years) -Indigenous/pilgrimage travel experience, India & Americas -Tom Brown’s Tracker School, two courses (Native American, wilderness experience) -Technical Writer (3 years), Centennial Computers, Atlanta, GA -Professional Variety Entertainer (circus arts for 3 out of college- primarily juggling) - Author, Universal Spiritual Philosophy and Practice (200 p), self-published;     Principles of Monistic Dream Interpretation (20 p. booklet); Dream Basics and      their Spiritual Nature (18 p. booklet) DREAMWORK - 30 years recording and interpreting dreams -IASD member and conference speaker -Universals Class in Dream Interpretation -Numerous CE and non-CD IASD online courses -Conduced dream circles in Substance abuse clinics and community groups -“Nighttime Adventures: Remembering and Interpreting Your Dreams”     taught in Adult Educations Centers    SPIRITUAL INVOLVEMENTS - Raised Episcopalian -Transcendental Meditation, 10 years— - Dabbled in: Vedanta Society, Sikhism, ISKON, Eckankar, a few drugs—2 years -Catholic retreat (big Thomas Merton fan) -Sufi Islam (Bawa Muyiahadeen), 6 months— -Mankind Project NWTA Graduate and I-group, 8 years— -Hollow Bones Zen Society, 3 years— -TAT Foundation, 6 years, ongoing— -Overall familiarity with New Age spirituality HEALING JOURNEY My   early   years   involved   severe   asthma,   ADD,   various   socialization   issues   and   finally   adult-onset   epilepsy.   95%   of that   has   been   fixed   with   the   help   of   various   therapists   and   healers—most   of   which,   however,   did   not   work   until   I was   CRACKED   OPEN   with   my   major   initiations.   I   think   that   gratitude   for   the   existence   of   true   spiritual   masters, even   if   you’ve   never   met   one,   is   a   MAJOR   credential   for   someone   who   hopes   to   help   others   sort   through   spiritual issues. CONTACT:

David Low MS, PhD
Greetings,    folks!    I    studied    zoology    and anthropology     in     college     (Duke     Univ.), worked   in   small-time   show   business   for four   years,   was   a   technical   writer   for   a small    computer    company    and    a    novel- writer   on   the   side   for   five   years   (rejected by    fourteen    publishers),    got    a    Masters Degree        in        Community        Counseling (Georgia   State   U.)   And   worked   in   mental health,   mostly   as   a   drug   counselor,   over the    course    of    twelve    years;    was    a    full- time    spiritual    seeker    in    Hindu-related ashrams        for        six        years,        travelled extensively    in    India,    Mexico    and    South America;   got   married   and   never   had   kids, got    a    PhD    (Temple    Univ.)    In    Religious Studies    and    taught    mostly    as    a    adjunct professor   over   the   course   of   fifteen   years, and     finally     semi-retired     to     became     a freelance   teacher,   counselor,   lecturer   and dreamworker           in           and           around Philadelphia,      PA.      Universal      Spiritual Philosophy and Practice is my first book. In       rough       chronological       order,       my spiritual                 pedigree                 involves Episcopalianism,                   Transcendental Meditation,    the    Vedanta    Society,    some Catholicism,         Devotional         Hinduism,         (mostly   Siddha   Yoga,   also   ISKON),   Sufism, Won   and   Zen   Buddhism,   and   agnostically oriented self-inquiry (TAT Foundation). CONTACT: