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If you are prone to abuse of substances or behaviors, I may be able to help you. I specialize in spiritually-based strategies for recovery focused around self-inquiry and self-awareness. BENEFITS The insights you will learn are based on ancient and universal teachings from world philosophical and religious systems. Through self-inquiry and self-awareness methods, you will learn and experience: --Greater awareness of mental processes --Internal recognition of triggers --Meditative techniques to apply in different situations --Greater self-love --Refined personal understanding of God, or your Higher Power SELF-INQUIRY AND OTHER SYSTEMS These   methods   do   not   conflict   with   other   spiritually   based   strategies,   as   long   as   those   systems   (Christianity, Islam,    etc.)    are    applied    in    an    appropriate    way.    Unfortunately,    religion-based    approaches    to    treatment    are sometimes   counterproductive   due   to   the   particular   way   that   the   faith’s   teachings   are   understood.   In   this   case,   I would   work   with   you   to   grasp   those   teachings   in   a   more   constructive   way,   so   that   there   is   no   conflict   with   self- inquiry and awareness strategies in your recovery. Self-inquiry   can   either   stand   alone,   or   be   considered   a   supplemental   strategy   for   those   utilizing   the   12-step system.    Since    the    12    steps    represent    a    universal    spirituality,    they    never    conflict    with    self-inquiry    and    self- awareness techniques. MY PROMISE If    more    mainstream    strategies    don’t    seem    to    be    helping    you    enough,    I    promise    that    self-inquiry    and    self- awareness   can   open   up   a   whole   new   dimension   of   inner   strength   for   you—if   you   are   willing   to   attend   small meetings, listen, and patiently apply yourself to the suggestions I give you.